Friday, September 30, 2005

KY Quiz - Split a watermelon to 9 pieces

Hie ladies and gentlemen, here's another KY quiz time. This time we do something easy, the question is simply: How do you slice a watermelon into 9 easy pieces with just 4 strokes using a knife?

The answer isn't something cheesy or lame, just exercise your braincell and visualize abit, I'm sure you can do it! Even Kimberly did! Cheers!

Mouseover to get the answer when you give up.

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

KY eats - Raku Zen Japanese Restaurant, SS15

From the post about Isetan Sushi, some of you might have the idea that I love Japanese, which is, er... very true. Now, not all Japanese food are made or served the same, repeat after me. "Sushi King & Genki are for the noobs." Thank you thank you, now let me tell you about this Raku Zen place.

Image hosted by
Now this is what I called a real Jap restaurant

This place is located at Subang Jaya SS15, at the row of shops situated directly opposite Subang Jaya Medical Center. The sign board isn't terribly big or visible, but squint your eyes like a Japanese and look hard, you'll find it.

Image hosted by
Can you imagine how these go down the throat? yummmm

The Hokkaido Seafood season happened to be this time of the year for this restaurant. Basically it means that you get to enjoy fabulous seafood that were caught offshore Hokkaido, the island at northern Japan. We ordered a generous plate of sashimi, 2 hand rolls (salmon roe & softshell crab), a dish of big fat scallops, and some absolutely amazing beef.

All these dishes have some funky Japanese names, but for the life of my koi fish, I can't remember any of them, so beat it. The sashimi was served with perfect cuttings of salmon, tuna, yellow tail, octopus, raw sweet shrimps, and another type of white fish. The dish was served in perfect temprature, too. Those are the little touch that some other places ignore.

The beef is cooked medium rare soaked in some type of sourish soup. It was the first time I had this dish. The meat went down very smooth, and surprisingly tender and rich in taste. Scallop was served with some mushroom and chilli, you cook them with a heated scallop shell and some type of sauce. I like my scallop half cooked, so that suits me pretty well. It tastes very sweet and sumptuous.

Image hosted by
All gone.. another satisfied customer

While this is definately not a budget restaurant, the price is rather reasonable. You can get a Chirashi Sushi set for around 30 ringgit. Don't ask me how much this meal cost tho, but it was worth every penny.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

KY vacation - Redang Trip, Diving, and Project Aware

So last weekend a bunch of us jokers went to Redang. Some of us are divers, and some are noobish snorklers. Others just love to sleep, and at least one noob got serious sunburn on her shoulders (she is the famous blogger who went on the star.)

There were Suanie, ST, Kim, Terence, Saint, Margie, Faggot, Kerol, and Zess. I also got to know Ong & Vivien who joined us as Terence's friends.

Image hosted by
Don't you wish you have an awesome vacation too?

We stayed at this place called Redang Beach resort. Basically I didn't care too much about the place, give me a place to sleep and a hot shower, that's all I needed. My main interest is diving. However, Redang Beach proved to be rather comfortable, and the food was pretty alright, barring the salty "fresh" water that they serve.

Image hosted by
Diving & Project Aware, yeh we're good people

One of the many reasons we came to Redang was for project aware. It is an awareness program aimed at education in conservation of our wonderful underwater world, including reefs, mermaids, and neptunes, or something like that. What happened was we helped pick the rubbish off the beach, attend a seminar or two, and got like 4 free dives. All nice and dandy to me.

I ended up with 3 dives cos the dive sites our leader took us wasn't terribly exciting and I was more interested to just chill at the beach for the 4th. I did, however, manage to see a huge school of small barracudas, 2 turtles, a huge sting ray, murral eel, some funky jelly fish with tiny fishes in it's tanticles, titan trigger fish, and of course, nemo.

Image hosted by
I don't have many normal friends

Vacation is all about the company, and when you have the luxury of joining a bunch of jokers like these guys, it's loads of fun. It was discovered that some of us has had some sizable horizontal expansion since, so beach shorts and bikinis wasn't exactly such a godly sight. I will keep those photos so I can extort them when they are rich and famous.

Image hosted by
Off the island, and back onto mainland

Time flies when you're having a good time, or when you're sleeping (ST slept 15 hr straight at one go.) All of a sudden it's already Sunday. We reluctantly packed up and got our butt back to mainland. Had lunch at Kuala Terengganu, bought ourselves some keropok lekor, chill at the rest house abit, and off to the airport.

We "gambled" on cokes while waiting for the delayed flight, and Terence won big, he carried extra 17 cans of soft drinks back to KL. Some passangers thought he was trying to compete with airasia on flight catering, then again we were on MAS.

It was a great holiday, now back to work!

p/s: no, FA didn't go.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

KY eats - Bak Kut Teh at Sungei Way, PJ

Image hosted by
Now you see it, now you don't

Being a bloke from Penang, the island of awesome hawker food, staying in Klang Valley means I have to constantly go out of the way to satisfy my taste buds since most of the food here, well, basically sucks. There is, however, a few dishes that are usually better around here than in Penang. One of those dishes is Bak Kut Teh, one of my favorite non-halal dishes. YUM!

Image hosted by
drools... argh

Now when it comes to bak kut teh, many of you would argue that Klang serves the best. I would not argue with that notion, but sometimes it's just a blardy bitch to drive all the way there and fight your way through all the chow ahbengs to have a meal. So we've found some pretty good establishments in PJ itself.

Ah Sang Bak Kut Teh is situated at Sungei Way (map below.) The place is rather crowded, as most good food places are, and opens only during lunch time, and I presume morning as well.

Now the food. The soup has a very rich herbal taste and smell, and the meat well cooked and soft. We ordered some oily vege to go with it too. The difference between PJ & Klang version is the lack of oily rice at the former, which is a shame, but probably what makes people from the rest of the Klang Valley be smaller size from them chow ahbengs.

2 of us had the food and the bill came up to less than RM 20. Pretty cheap and a rather good place satisfy your bak kut teh craving.

Image hosted by
How to get there, you asked?

Correction: It's Bintang Supermarket, not Jaya.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

KY brand - FA's fashion

Did you think FA is hot? Did you think she puts on awesome attire that seemingly fits the occasion all the time? Yah, I thought you'd say yes too. This is the chick that has her own fan site!

The secret to a girl's attractiveness, other than obvious genetic factors, is the clothings that covers her the birthday suit that all of us so eager to see. In the case of FA, like an Armini jacket on Brat Pitt, she has KY fashion on her. That, my friend, is the secret. Take a lookit lookit

Image hosted by
Original KY fashion makes a hot chick hotter.

Now I don't know where FA bought this piece of fine art to put on her, but the girl certainly does justice to the brand name. I must only say I am mightly proud.

Image hosted by
No, the cloths aren't coming off.. sorry folks.

Now I can only wonder what KY equipment can offer the guys..

Image hosted by
Guess KY isn't just famous for the Jelly

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

KY drinks - Happy Brithday DRUKEN Suan, got hot chicks too

Today is Suanie's birthday, our charismatic blogger who went on THE STAR newspaper carrying the flag that represented many of us. Last night, however, she was seeing altogether different type of stars, mostly spinning on top of her head. She was so royally intoxicated by alcohol I doubt she remembers what happened.


Image hosted by
Oh I love the toilet bowl, omfg I'm drunk! I love all of you too.

It was a surprise birthday party thrown for our beloved friend somewhere at Bangsar. I am sure pretty soon there will be pictures posted by the almighty Peter Tan and some other jokers. Yours truly didn't bring his brick camera to the occasion, so only managed to snap a few shots of some of the hotties at the scene.

Image hosted by
I just wanted to make sure these girls are still hot when I look at their pictures sober.

p/s: Suan, it was gary, yes it was him.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

KY drinks - Happy Hour with FA, ST, Suanie & Kim

Last weekend Suanie called up and said she was starving.. about 2 hours later (don't ask), we arrived at 1U. Since FA & I had ate earlier, we decided to wait out for the happy hour. Who doesn't love happy hours?

Do you not love this picture of FA with the appropriate caption?

We had earlier went to the Fish & Co, their menu looked pretty good with some nice alcoholic mixed drinks. Then the waiter dropped us a bomb,

"sorry guys, we don't have those drinks."

"Anything alcoholic then?" asked Suanie

"Yah, Tiger Beer"


So we went to Chillies instead. Rang up ST and Kim to join us for some good old afternoon non-halal drink fix too.

Image hosted by
FA waiting for the the clock to hit 3pm for HAPPY HOUR!

Service at Chillies 1U sucks ass. You can read more on suanie's post about it. Anyhow, it was still a great afternoon, especially when you have so many beautiful people surrounding you, don't you think? (yes, they've gotten beautiful after my margarita)

Image hosted by
I have my margarita, ST & Kim waiting out their food, and Suanie eating hers

Is your life as fun? Cheers!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

KY eats - Pizzeria Bella Italia at SS2

Many of you ah bengs love to enjoy fine food, but don't really want to lose an arm and a leg for a meal. Well here's something for you, awesome authentic Italian food that is easy on the pocket. How does RM 9.90++ for set lunch sound to you? Great, me too.

Image hosted by
RM 9.90++ in an authentic place, you can't ask for more?

The place is located at SS2 next to Public Bank, or, directly behind Maybank. Parking might not be easiest to find during weekdays, but weekends should be alright. The restaurant is run by actual european white boys (ok, maybe old men), and the waitresses wear the Italian football jersey as their uniform. The interior decoration is not overly complicated, but definately with an Italian taste. And yes, the toilet is clean.

Image hosted by
Big plate of spaghetti, GONE!

The RM 9.90 set lunch is the cheapest combo. You can choose between mushroom or minestrone soup, a glass of soft drink, and a main dish. Usually I go for spaghetti primavera, all vege. You can also get pizzas, rossito, and more.

The food is great, the price is good. Dating a chick when you're on a budget and yet you want to go to a quiet place with great food, go there!


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Monday, September 19, 2005

KY Pimps - Vanessa

Here's yet another pimp post, backed by popular demand after FA and Xaviera were featured not terribly long ago. You know the drills, you know the rules, check the previous posts to avoid any confusion. Lets get it on!

Name: Vanessa
Age: Barely Legal
Weight: Lighter than yours truely
Height: Taller than yours trulely when on 4" heels
Occupation: College Student
Speciality: Pool, though I pwned her with my noob skills.
X factor: A nyonya, how many of those do you find? Ah, and she blogs too, at

A simple girl who likes to play pool, shop, sleep, party and such. Loves to eat McD fries and slurping ice cream, so definately not one of those high maintenance type. At the tender age of 19, she still qualifies as a teen, so some of you old farts can stay away. But if you are still in your twenties, you are qualified to date her, and I assure you that some of them guys will be looking at you with envious eyes thinking "WTF how did this fugly d00d be able to go out with this cute ngonya chick?"

Image hosted by
She plays pool, didn't I tell ya?

Image hosted by
See, I didn't just get her picture from some online paysite, I really do know her!

To date her:
Let the bidding begin! Highest bidder gets the deal, well, of course she must agree to it. Money goes to SPCA, or some other charity Peter Tan specifies.

This is high class college sweetie, don't get left behind!

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

KY - McD & Starbucks at Coffeebean, FA, Suan & Horny

After having the fusion of fastfood - Burger King and A&W at Starbucks, we decided to go for an encore. This time around, it was McDonald's and Starbucks at Coffeebean. Remember, when you can't decide what type of coffee or tea or food the group has to agree on, you don't! Do not let the corporation controls where you want to eat!

Image hosted by
FA trying to be cute

Image hosted by
Suan decided to be a monster, she loves her Starbucks & fries.

Image hosted by

Highlight of the night. Horng was supposed to refill the teapot with some hot water, but the noob never look at the label. We ended up having cold water soaking tea leafs.. didn't exactly work out that well.

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Friday, September 16, 2005

KY meme - the se7en tag. Goddamn Suanie!

OK, suanie's reverse psychology works, I am going to do this meme thing, grrr. For all you noobs out there, the word meme was first introduced by Richard Dawkins, an awesome evolutionary biologist.

Meme is the replicator of ideas and believes, or, a cultural unit. Read "The Selfish Gene" by the same author, if there's only one Popular Science book you'll ever read, read it, and not "The Fabric of the Cosmos" by Brian Green that I'm reading now, cos it's difficult to digest, and I tend to fall asleep every few minutes. Makes an excellent insomnia killer tho!

Alrighty, lets get the meme thing going..

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
  1. Attend most of my friend's funeral, hee-hee
  2. Attend the "Greet the 22nd century Count Down"
  3. Travel to Nepal, and many other places
  4. Buy a TV
  5. Buy a washing machine
  6. Make sure the water of my koi pond not green
  7. Build a bigger koi pond
Seven things I could do:
  1. Get a haircut
  2. Wash the car
  3. Whore my blog more
  4. Wake up a little earlier everyday
  5. Shave my legs, kidding, kidding.
  6. Eat more awesome food
  7. Not cave in to Suanie's reverse psychology, goddamn
Seven celebrity crushes:
  1. So many porn stars.. I can't just choose 7, it'll be unfair, I'm skipping this.
Seven often repeated words:
  1. fakeplan
  2. kanneh
  3. hungry
  4. diu
  5. lokchut
  6. mamak
  7. yumchar
Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
heh, I don't really concentrate that much in physical traits, female I dated are as different as they come physical wise. I'm gonna answer however I want anyway, which is not just physical.
  1. cute
  2. knows how to laugh at my jokes
  3. cannot answer my riddles, hence give me entertainment too
  4. allows me to hamsup her
  5. will go to KLCC Aquaria with me
  6. lighter than me
  7. trust, it's all about trust
Seven tags to go:
  1. Goh
  2. Galvin
  3. Dree
  4. Shiang
  5. Cass
  6. Jo
  7. Reta
Just cos I can half expect that these people read this post. hee-hee.

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

KY eats - Segambut Seafood Noodle, SS2 branch

Some of you might have heard about the Segambut seafood noodle, but do you realise that they have an SS2 branch? and in fact, a Subang branch too. Now if you are a seafood lover like me, you should definately try Restaurant Yu Ai.

Image hosted by
Got clean toilet too, what more can you ask for?

The shop at ss2 is located behind the slighty famous Chow Yang kopitiam, and a few shops next to KAYU nasi kandar at Jalan SS2/10. Pretty easy to find, there is sometimes a yellow Lotus Elise sports car parked right in front of the shop, rumours to be the shop owner's.

The main branch is on 42, Jalan Segambut utara, and the Subang shop is at 28-1, USJ 9/5P. The business card claims that the place is air-conditioned.

Image hosted by
See the prawn? All peeled except the head and tail, very the pro! I like!

The seafood noodle comes in 3 flavors, clear soup, curry, and tomyam. Personally I like the curry flavor the best, it carries a very rich and creamy taste. They provide chili paste in a container on every table, all you crazy people who loves to have their food overly spicey need not be worried.

The noodle, or kuih teow, or mee hun, comes with 3 big prawn, fish meat, sotong, and a generous serving of dried oyster and lala. Very very sumptous. At a price of RM 11 ringgit and RM 13 ringgit per bowl for the small & big size respectively, it is not exactly cheap (how else do they finance the Elise?), but it's worth every penny.

My stomach is full, how about yours? hehehe

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

KY eats - Teapot Cafe at SS2

How many of you are sick of Starbucks and Coffeebeans? Places with somewhat decent drinks but basically no FOOD, and with lotsa Ah Bengs gathering at those places lately like vultures surrounding a dying elephant... er.. how to continue.. nevermind...

Image hosted by
here's how to get there, noob!

Introducing, TEAPOT Cafe at SS2. A place for tea lover, a drink with less caffien and won't stain your teeth. Plus, it also makes you look slightly more sophisticated, especially if you can fake a British accent (something even the mat salleh can hardly do these days.)

nice teapots
nice environment yeh? just abit too many aunties tho. =/

Other than a handsome choice of tea, including the common Earl Grey, English Breakfast, to the more exotic fruit teas, they serve a variety of local and western food too. I tried their Chicken Kiev, and it was pretty good. Nice big flab of chicken breast with juicy butter & herbs trapped inside with the help of a few tooth picks. Yumm. Fish & Chips

Image hosted by
FA said Hi, and made a FU Peace sign

This is a perfect place to bring your chick for a date and away from prying eyes of the Ah Bengs at Starbucks & Coffeebean. It shows that you have taste, or that you merely read this blog. If you don't have a gf/bf, you can always be like me, bring someone whom you can somewhat confuse otherd to be your significant other, contrary to the reality. heehee


p/s: If you're a hot chick and you would like to go there with me, drop me a mail!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

KY Quiz - The Dead Mountain Climber

Been a while since I give out any teka-teki (quiz), but here goes:

2 climbers, lets call them A & B, went climbing at Gunung Kinabalu, and they were going up agains the difficult wall. Almost to the summit, B lost his grip and fell down to the lower plateau.

A, being his friend and all, yelled "dude you ok...?"

B: "OMFG i broke both my hands and my legs, shit is hurting as bad as delivering a quadruplet"

A: "Aight mate wait up, I'll get on top and pull you up."

So A climbed up, threw a rope down and started pulling B up... and that's when he got curious and asked

"Dude, you broke both your arms and legs, how am I pulling you up?"

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... " KAPIAKZ, was the next sound A heard as B plunged to his death.

Question is, how did B die?

Mouseover on the graphic below to get the answer.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

Koi Pond - Reading the Water Parameter

Any koi keeper will tell you that the most important thing about a koi pond is the water parameter. In fact, some dude from forum has a signature that says "I am the water keeper, the kois take care of themself", or something to that effect.

So I don on my white lab coat and become a scientist all over again.

Image hosted by
No, for the last time, these aren't pregnancy test kits!

There are 4 tests I run on a regular basis to ensure that the water is in good condition. They are pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate level. The best condition for a koi pond would be a pH level of between 7.5 to 8, and the other 3 kept to the minimal.

Image hosted by
Results were not bad at all

The readings from this test:
While the readings were pretty good, the Nitrate level should still be lowered somehow. As Nitrate act as plant fertilizer, it causes algae bloom that makes the water green. If condition does not improve in the next few months, I might need to make a trickle tower dry filter to suppliment the current wet bio filter.

6 fishes now, still adding, will post pictures of them when the water gets clearer.

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

KY teaches - How to Write Romantic Poems

Following the lesson on how not to write friendster messages, I have realised that it is not a very good idea to only teach about what you can't do. So, to give a more constructing lesson, I am going to attempt to teach you the art of peotry.

Upon completion of this lesson, you will, hopefully, be able to compose some ultra romantic poems to get that chick that you have always set your eyes upon.

Exhibit A:
lets sit in horng's waja
and go to genting
when u are on my paha
i feel very the stim

This one is a little on the naughty side, you know, you can only write this to a chick whom you have gone out with, but has been difficult to get the relationship to that next level. A little hint that you want her to be your new laptop companion might stir up her imagination and viola! You're on your way to a happy ending

Exhibit B:
we are destined together
like fish needs water
for you without i
is like wingless bird cannot fly

Slightly more romantic, a good use of analogy to showcase your creative side. Be imaginative, be bold, be wild. It's a confession of feelings, you know, like telling you really belong to her, that with you by her side, the life is oh so more meaningful. Use this one when you are parepared to take the plunge.

Exhibit C:
your smile is so sweet
like god put extra sugar in ur mouth
i am happy as a kid
when u are inside my house

A reflection of the time spent together in your house. You want the girl to know that you appreciated whatever both of you have done in your house, and that you want her to come again. Well, that can mean both of you sat at your couch watching Shrek 2, or maybe something more interesting, I'll leave this to your imagination. A message like this will surely melt her heart like butter under hot sun. Totally owning.

Well well, here I presented you the 3 classes of poems you can use to impress your chick. Lets recall:
1st - you want to get a bit physical
2nd - you reveal your true feeling
3rd - you want her to live with you

That's it folks, be creative. Thank you thank you, I'll be here all week.

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Friday, September 09, 2005

KY - Fastfood Fusion, Suanie went nuts

Image hosted by
Such brand harmony.

Horny, Kerol, Suanie, and I were at Carrefour after a heavy dinner. Being hogs that we are, we decided to have our supper right there and then with total disregard of how much food a person should have within an hour.

However, Suan wanted Starbucks (she rich laaa), Kerol thinks Burger King's the pwn (she did not have her dinner), Horny wanted Curly fries and Onion Rings, and I just wanted a good old mug of non-alcoholic root beer. We did just that, Kerol tarpao her BK, we sat at Starbucks, and I ordered from A&W. We had a good time, but if FA was there, we could have totally un-halal the table with her choice of drinks.

Image hosted by
How lovely is the Suan!

Suan also showcased her FUCKIN' GONUTS t-shirt in front of the original Dunkin Donuts. Don't worry, little kids were not harmed during the process. Afterall, having the F word on your t-shirt in public isn't illegal, right?

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

KY's friend - FA makes Vodka Ribena

I'm sure most of you already know who is FA by now, the girl who dances good and parties hard. However, many of you do not realise that she also drinks, and for that she doesn't need a special reason nor occasion.

Image hosted by
chilled vodka, and some ice.. ahhhhh, best.

Today she's showing us how to enjoy a good ol' WEEKDAY afternoon by mixing it up with some sultry alcoholic drinks. Item on the menu to day - vodka, Ribena, water, ice, semi-hot-chick (progressively hotter with the flow of vodka down the throat)

Image hosted by
see? just add some ribena so they won't say she's an alcoholic drinking vodka straight up

Steps: Simple enough, mix it all up, the more alcohol, the merrier.

Image hosted by
vodka ribena + reading blogs, oh so wonderful

Drinking happy, what a way to pass the afternoon especially when all your friends are working their ass of while you are taking your leave. Well, if you're not on leave, you can get a jump start to your working day by mixing up some Bailey's in your 3-in-1 milo for breakfast, now where did I get that idea from... ?

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Koi Pond - Pond Appreciation by Neighbours

Since we started building the koi pond, we have been getting to know alot of neighbours. So if you move into a new neighbourhood, I suggest that you build yourself a pond too, it's the best ice breaker, brings everyone together, world peace and all.

Image hosted by
So pretty so pretty, young men. Oh thank you thank you, uncles.

There are currently 4 fishes in the pond right now, and the water is like.. green. Hopefully the biological filter kicks in a few weeks time and clear the water up.

Image hosted by
Lovely, no? :D

Oh well, there's still this mural that Huey Fang and Chan are drawing up to complete the garden, we'll see how long it takes them... about 1.5 months now so far.. hehe

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Friday, September 02, 2005

KY teaches - The Wrong Ways to Write Friendster Messages - inspired by FA

So I was talking to FA yesterday, and the topic of friendster came up somehow. Being the hotstuff spicey stuff that she is, she gets alot of friendster messages from all sorts of guys. Unfortunately, most of them are Ah Bengs incapable of formulating any coherent thoughts, or mastering the English language. Why she attracts those kind of guys? Well that's a different topic of discussion altogether, and I am hesitant to formulate a theory as I still feel like it's a good thing to have my head attaching to my neck.

Here are the few examples, courtesy of the ever more interesting FA. For you guys, remember, these are the examples of how NOT to write friendster messages, if you want to have any hope.

Exhibit A:
r u real lady or a doll ? u must have come from other planet,God put extra sugar in ur smile, i came from canada but i m here in kl sunway area.,write me abt ur smile pls

Advice: Do not be too cheesy, and if you must, at least respect your target's intellectual capacity.

Exhibit B:
Hi, can we as friends??? So our relationship may Improve from time to time (like a fish need Water). Hope u accept mind as best friends in yr Life. Let's my love goes in yr spirit. I care for you;let's us share all (you and me) happiness and burden. Lets us be friends until this end of the world. Can I have yr contact number/MSN/Yahoo Messenger ID? Have a nice day and u so beautiful

Advice: So, do not freaking write like a retard, learn to use better analogy, and don't assume that you will live to see the end of the world.

Exhibit C:
ello....u sooo cuteeee i would like to add u izzit ok ? actully i dun really konw english my fren
type it for me can i have your hp no...? most easy way to chat about if cannot nvm or u can send e mail to me ok here my mail (censored-email) hope can get your mail back as soon u can...or better can get your hp number.......miss u byeee hehehe

From FA: "WTF!??!?!?! WTF WTF?!?!", "HIS name is "o my god"
Advice: First, it's bad to ask your friend to type a friendster message for you. Second, if you must, at least make sure your friend can really write in English. Third, naming yourself "o my god" is never a good idea.

Exhibit D:
R u have MSN Messeger ? If u have , add me K? My ID is (censored-email, again) Hope can meet u online soon ya .

Advice: Never, never use such a stupid sounding email address.

Exhibit E:
Hello name's are you?? I'm fine here.. hope you're fine too.. *hugs*.. I just
came across your profile... would like to be friends first, maybe more than that later.. First
of all... let me introduce myself.... I'm 30 from currently involved in networking biz with friends.. previously was working as an IT consultant... I'm 5'7", short black hair, dark brown eyes, slightly tanned, wear specs, thin and tall.

I love movies, sentimental and instrumental
music and reading.. plus snooker, sports and outdoors.. I love nature and enjoy taking strolls while enjoying nature's beauty.... I'm the quiet and sentimental kinda guy....can be quite shy at times....but do know how to have fun after getting to know each other better.. I think that roughly covers the general part of me....If you have anything you want to ask...please do.....I will answer everything truthfully and to the best I can.... *smiles* Please do tell me a general introduction about yourself.... *smiles* I think I have to go now..... will be waiting for your reply... By the way, ..hope to hear from you soon..Bye.. love,


From FA: *chokes and dies*
Advice: I feel lucky that this guy is no longer in IT field. I'd die if I have to read the documentation he writes..

So, a very big thank you to FA, we shall learn from this. If any of you wish to leave a "frienster style message" to her. Please do so in the comment, she might be interested you know. Since it is pretty much impossible to write anything worse than the examples, you probably stand a decent chance.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

KY eats - Penang Char Kuih Kak - Pan Fried Radish Cake

Yet another entry to the ever growing food related entries. This time I'll talk about the Char Kuih Kak, a hawker food you seldom find here in KL, but quite a common dish in any hawker center in Penang.

Image hosted by
Char Kuih Kak with seafood!

Char Kuih Kak, or in a more descriptive English term, Pan Fried Radish Cake, is basically a simple dish with radish cake, dried salty vege chips, bean sprouts, and egg fried over sauce made up of mostly soya sauce, dark soya sauce, and chili paste. The radish cake came is usualy chopped up to little half-mahjong size bits, smaller they are, the better they are, since a smaller bit ensures more coverage of the sauce. Occassionally you can have seafood in it as an option.

This particular stall is located at the hawker center opposite Penang Chinese Girls' High School, PCGHS, at Jalan Gottlieb. The stall also offers Fried Oyster. Judging by the taste of their Kuih Kak, I would definately try their fried oyster on the next trip. It was definately one of the better Kuih Kak that I had.

For those of you who are in Klang Valley, the monday pasar malam at ss2 has a stall selling Kuih Kak too, no seafood option, but tastes pretty decent nonetheless. I get my Kuih Kak fix from there a couple times a month.

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