Wednesday, December 07, 2005

KY eats - Melaka Street Restaurant at SS2

it was kerol, horny, and myself

So we were hungry and we were at SS2, if you have ever been to the area at dinner time, you know it's not easy to find a parking space. When we finally did, we were not far from this Melaka Street Restaurant. After taking a look on the menu to make sure that it was within budget, we were off to the uncharted water.

drool? drool anyone??

The place is reasonably new. I believe they might have taken over the old Vietnamese Kitchen shop lot after the former decided to concentrate on it's 1 Utama establishment. Interior decoration is pretty basic but rather comfortable. It does try to create an old school Melaka's atmosphere, I think.. not that I've been to Melaka yet..

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We ordered fried asparagus with belacan, sambal squid (kerol's favorite creature to eat), and this fried chicken with the name that has escaped my mind (something like aunty lam or .. .) The asparagus was absolutely fabulous, squid was equally good but not too spicy. As for the chicken, it came with some chili sauce for dipping, the taste gives a hint of belacan and a pretty decent job at marination. The rice served was well cooked and in a pretty soft texture, I usually avoid restaurants with hard rice no matter how good the food is.

Overall the meal was pretty good, though I am not sure if it's a true representation of Melaka delights. The taste was just right and we did not even need any soya sauce or chili padi that usually goes with every meal. The price was rather reasonable too, for a proper restaurant setting with air conditioning.

So easy to get there..

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