Wednesday, November 23, 2005

KY eats - Japanese Instant Noodle, Black Sauce Curry

So I ran out of idea on what to have for lunch one day while I was at Isetan, saw this aisle full of Japanese instant noodle and decided to grab one and give it a try. This particular cup of black sauce curry noodle costs me RM4.99, and comes with some real meat (limited amount)

Instruction for "cooking" this cup noodle is same like any other, pour in hot boiling water, and let sit for 3 minutes. Of course, you have to pour the ingredits from the 3 little packs into the cup first. However, don't ever say you can cook if you did this. Cooking is such a lost art, sighhhhh

simple to prepare, isn't it?

This cup noodle tasted better than the standard maggie variety, then again, it costs more than twice as much. I don't know what they meant by black curry, it tasted a little salty, not spicy at all, and the soup base is actually a little more to the thick side. There are little chunks of meat, but barely enough to feed a hamster. Overall it's not a bad meal, but you do tend to get hungry again in a couple hours time..

I think I might try some other types next time. They sell some that cost more than RM 10 per bowl.. advertised as having real big chunk of meat and all. At least the pictures suggest so, I can't read Japanese other than Kanji.

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