Thursday, November 17, 2005

KY eats - Hokkaido fest at Isetan

So I went up to Isetan supermarket again to get myself some lunch to go. It was a big mistake, Hokkaido fest was in full swing, and being a Japanese food lover, it can only mean that my pocket is going to get terribly lighter.

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just look at them sushis and bentos!

There were all sorts of offerings from the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, synonym to great Japanese seafood in the culinary vocabulary. The little area next to the 3rd floor escalator of Isetan were packed with quite a large selection of Sushi, Sashimi, dried fish, scallops, fried seafood, cakes, and even Doraemon's favoritte, dorayaki

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bestest office lunch

Being a huge fan of both Ikura (salmon roe) and Hotate (raw scallop), I just couldn't help it when noticing the perfect combination on display. After the battle of taste buds vs financial sanity. The raw sense scored a stunning defeat over logical sense and I happily paid RM 39.90 for a take-away bento.

The stuff was very very good, scallop was sweet and juice, and there were 3 whole scallop in the serving. 2 of them raw, and the remaining is lightly cooked/marinated. The portion of ikura was generous and tasted like how ikura should be, slighlty salty, terribly oily, and absolutely juicy. The bento was easily one of the best I had from anywhere.

If my memory serves me correct, the fest runs until the end of the month and won't be back again until the next year. Tempations, tempations....

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