Friday, November 11, 2005

KY eats - Dim Sum at Jalan Ipoh

While most of you might associate dim sum with breakfast, some of us who usually do not like to wake up in the morning still wants to enjoy this delicacy too. So if your stomach is hungry and your taste bud yearns for something other than mamak food, the Jalan Ipoh dim sum will be an excellent alternative.

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Galvin said it's the good.

There are actually two different dim sum restaurants seperated just a couple of shop houses between each other. It is said that the one on the left sells better char siew pau (roasted pork pau) while the one on the right might have slightly better tasting small dishes.

So we dined at the one on the left side as the lads wanted to have some char siew pau at midnight. Overall the dim sum was very good too, but the especially awesome dish was the porridge. It was very thick, but very smooth, with almost a whole piece of chicken breast in each bowl. Galvin swallowed 2 bowls of that.

Price wise the place is pretty reasonable. Came to about RM 30 or so for three. Another place you can find around the clock dim sum is Sri Petaling, next to the artificial pond with artificial hobby fishermen paying good money to fish in the man made pond for man fed fishes.

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I do not gurantee the accuracy of this map. hehe

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