Monday, October 31, 2005

KY Pimps - Penny of -PeNNyPupZ-

Ladies and Gentlemen, here's another pimp post. This time we got Penny, with her femmes pennypupz blog. She's been telling me that she wants to have a date, so lets fix one up for her shall we? As usual, you can find the previous pimping entries.

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Name: Penny
Age: almost legal, I think.. =/
Weight: don't ask, but abit chubbier than me lah
Height: tall, like 5'7 or something like that
Speciality: camwhoring
X factor: they said it's the mammalian glands, I wouldn't know.

Now, to many of you who read Penny's blog, this girl needs no introduction. She goes to church, but don't be fooled thinking she's a hardcore religious young lady for she confessed that she sometimes fall sleep there. She also cooked up an About Me page on her blog, so take a look there to know more about her.

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photos abit dark lah, she covered the moonlight.. =/

To date her:
So guys, don't be hesitating, she'll be the perfect companion for you in a great outing. If you are the indoor type, I'm sure she has something in her sinister mind too! So let the bidding begin!

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