Friday, October 21, 2005

KY cam - Public Sleeping

Taking public transport can be exciting and amusing at times. Just look at the pictures of public sleeping that I have managed to take! Cheers!

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How lovely.

Now I must confess that I have slept in the LRT on numerous occasions, and I have missed my intended station more than once. I would put a picture of myself sleeping on LRT just to be fair, but then again I don't trust my phone with a stranger especially when I'd be sound asleep.

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Public sleeping not confined to young folks only!

I am convinced that our LRTs have some anesthetic treatment to it's air conditioning system that makes us all go zzzz.. If you are an insomniac, please give it a try. Too bad the service is only from 6am to 12am, they don't operate when we need sleep the most.. sigh.

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Repeat offender caught!

I wonder if the STAR lrt line and the KTM are just as nice to sleep in.

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