Monday, October 10, 2005

KY - BBQ with the noobs

We got a free BBQ set with the purchase of Petronas Syntium engine oil just last week. After coming back from the market, we thought: hey, why not a barbeque? It was just a random idea and contrary to my neighbour's assumption, it wasn't anyone's birthday.

So we marinated some chicken with garlic, onion, ginger, and salt, a fish with curry paste, sliced beef, some sausages, tomatos, and for appertizer while waiting for the grilled food, we fried some roasted pork with garlic and thick soya sauce. Of course, there were some alcohol involved..

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The grilled tomato was delicioussss

As this was totally unplanned and we didn't have that much food in stock, we didn't really invite anyone other than the two famous people who happen to stay a stone's throw away (your stone may vary.) So suanie joined us for the cook-out, while FA arrived later, for some alcoholic treatment.

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Yeah, kerol was drunk

It was a great evening, the atmosphere was perfect, with the sound of running water from the pond, the music, the breeze from the fan, pretty good BBQ food, friends, and of course, a bit of booze. You should get yourself a BBQ set.

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