Friday, November 04, 2005

KY - Blogger's meet with Botak Peter Tan

If you have read Peter's blog here, you would have known already. We are having pot luck at yours truely's residence. All are welcome, and hot chicks especially so. The details as follow:

The place:
8, Lorong SS3/59B, PJ. It is behind the Taman Bahagia LRT station, a couple of minutes' walk. Look at the map lah.

The potluck:
Peter asked each of you to bring enough food for 20, he's just being ridiculous. Imagine if 20 people brought enough food for 20, each. We'll end up with food for 400. Even suanie might not be able to finish all of those by herself! So, do bring food but not overly excessive, finger food are especially welcomed.

The highlight:
You get to see Peter botak, I hope we can shave him there instead of him doing it at a barber or some dodgy place.

The date/time:
6th November, 2005. 2pm, late comers are to be fed to the fish.

The direction:
Look ma, nice map by KY!
Image hosted by

and curtesy of google map:
Image hosted by

See you there! I mean, here!

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