Thursday, December 01, 2005

KY - Honda EX-5 Accident, almost.

This happened once upon a time, when I was actually still going to high school and such, yah I was a teenager, and still remain so in spirit. I kinda had an accident due to an ill advised handling of the motorcycle that was the Honda EX-5 which I once rode from KL to Penang, 7 hour journey that made my butt almost divorced me, but that's another story.

So I used to ride the bike to tuition. Everything was perfectly routine, class ended, there were at least 50 peers outside the center waiting for their rides, bus, and so forth. I started my bike, and without hesitation nor looking at the road, followed the other bike that was crossing the road.

Big mistake, the guy ahead of me crossed the road with no slack at all. As I look to the side of me, a car was coming, and approaching fast. But somehow while the event was unfolding, I remained perfectly clear headed. To avoid my left leg being crushed by the oncoming car as I was sure that I was going to hit it's side, I lifted it from the pedal and..... ended up in between the 2 side mirrors.

I didn't fall, was swaying around and came to a stop. About 100 eyes staring at me and I could hear some laughters. The dude who drove the car that I hit just told me to ride carefully since I only added about 0.5% more scratches in his beat up car.

Moral of the story: take off the side mirrors.

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