Friday, November 25, 2005

KY saw - 3 wheel waja

As noticed by horny and later myself, there was this waja with 3 wheels in the neighbourhood. Thinking it must be a new version of Proton much like the Chancellor 2.0 V6, I was eager to take a look at it. So the next morning when I go to work, here it was...

requires a really heavy driver to not tip the car

Lucky for the owner, a friendly neighbour decided put a warning notifying the fact that the car is crippled. The evil person who did this was obviously banking on an evil laugh if an when the owner tries to drive the car. However, if the owner is really heavy, the car might still work as usual afterall! (apply your own physics logic)

replaced with a nice little wheel, lighter, saves petrol

The waja had a prosthesis the next day. The lesson of the story: use at least one special lug nut for your wheel to prevent this prank on your car!

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