Friday, September 09, 2005

KY - Fastfood Fusion, Suanie went nuts

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Such brand harmony.

Horny, Kerol, Suanie, and I were at Carrefour after a heavy dinner. Being hogs that we are, we decided to have our supper right there and then with total disregard of how much food a person should have within an hour.

However, Suan wanted Starbucks (she rich laaa), Kerol thinks Burger King's the pwn (she did not have her dinner), Horny wanted Curly fries and Onion Rings, and I just wanted a good old mug of non-alcoholic root beer. We did just that, Kerol tarpao her BK, we sat at Starbucks, and I ordered from A&W. We had a good time, but if FA was there, we could have totally un-halal the table with her choice of drinks.

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How lovely is the Suan!

Suan also showcased her FUCKIN' GONUTS t-shirt in front of the original Dunkin Donuts. Don't worry, little kids were not harmed during the process. Afterall, having the F word on your t-shirt in public isn't illegal, right?

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