Wednesday, August 24, 2005

KY eats - Klang Pork Rib Rice

Last weekend my housemate Horny Horng decided to bring us (myself and kerol) to Klang for some pork rib rice which he claimed to be very good. So we called up Galvin the Klang Chow Ah Beng to join us, since he stays nearby.

The place is smacked between the old bus terminal and the Indian movie serving cinema, right at the town of Klang itself. Ask anyone, or the Ah Beng himself if you can't find it.

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Do they look yummy or what?

We ordered for the portion that feeds 4 people, a plate of the signature dish, the pork rib (top right), mutton curry in claypot (bottom left), and some vege. As busy as the place was, it only took some 5 minutes before we were served.

It turned out that we finished all the food and Galvin didn't even eat. Later he claimed that Kerol is counted as 2 person.. =/

The pork rib was by far the best that I had, it's sort of deep fried but yet not hard. The fat content is rather high but that's probably what makes it so smooth with the melt-in-your-mouth texture. It is served somewhat like chicken rice style, with some sauce over the meat.

The mutton curry was good too, as well as the vege. The place also serves asam fish, pork knuckle with vinegar, and more.

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Drooling? Remember this is non-halal ok...

The Klang way of eating rice is a bit different, you pour dark soya sauce over it. That makes the rice a little sweet, and with an underlying richer taste. At this place, you can also order drinks that comes in big, recyled soya source bottle. We ordered a bottle of Chinese herbal tea and a bottle of soya bean.

You gotta try this place if you haven't yet. It was good and it was pretty cheap. Costs us about RM 25 for everything.

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