Sunday, August 21, 2005

Koi Pond - Filtration System and Plants

After taking a swim in the koi pond, we decided to get slightly more serious and got some plants to decorate the pond side nicely.

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We got five of those whitish green plants and 4 of those reddish plants as well as some bamboo look alike plants and floating water plants. Looks pretty impressive isn't it?

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Floating plants on the waterfall, and a japanese ZEN theme is in with this little stone pagoda thing at the far side of the pond. We installed a small light bulb in there too!

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Here's the all important biofilter.
First chamber - Japanese Mat, with aeration
Second chamber - Bio Balls, with aeration
Third chamber - Bio Stones, with aeration

Hope this set up is sufficient, or else I'll have to start thinking about a trickle tower...


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