Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Koi Pond - Waterfall and Spotlight

Following the previous post from the Koi Pond series, this installation will showcase the waterfall and the spotlight that we recently set up.

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Look at Horng imitating ninja turtle on the upper right

We bought this feng sui waterfall thing from one of the many places that sells them at Sungai Buloh. Costs me almost 400 bucks with the gravel and all.. but it's all pretty and dandy, saves me tonnes of work from creating something that resembles a natural waterfall with my limited skill in that department.

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Water leaking without the mini-pond, upper left pic

After connecting the pipes and switching on the pump, we found a problem. Water kept spilling and splashing out of the waterfall to the side of the pond. A decision was made and a mini-pond constructed underneath it to provide a way for the spilled water to flow back to the main pond. The small mini-pond would also served as a very small vege filter (basically a place to have some aquatic plants to soaked up the NO3 that would be converted from the good bacteria from main filter.. but I'm sparing you the details for now.)

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And let the be light

A 300 watt halogen spotlight was installed on top of the wall to illuminate the now-almost-awesome garden, too.

Next post would be gardening and the main filter, but at this point the pond is 90% done.

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