Monday, August 08, 2005

Koi Pond - Tiles, Water Neutralization, and Xmas Tree

After leveling the garden, we headed to Sungai Buloh for some plants and carpet grass. You can see that the pond is really coming together.

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Grass is in, and we planted 2 miniature x'mas trees, too. By the time I'm in my middle age I'm sure the trees would be big enough to allow me to hang some x'mas deco, maybe on Sotong's 40th birthday or something.

The grass costs about RM 3.50 per 2 sq. feet. 30 pieces of those are used.

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Look at these tiles! Believe it or not, those are homemade. Horng did most of the job in this one. Wooden brackets are used as moles, mortar is then poured in and miniature yellow river pepples are stuck on top of the tiles. We then put a layer of sand and arranged the tiles nicely. Nice and dandy ain't it?

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Since the pond is made of cement, the water is highly alkaline. Nothing would ever really survive in the condition like that. To reduce the pH level, we throw in a couple bottle of acid bought from the hardware store, as well as some pineapple skin.

Waterfall and filtration system coming up soon.

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