Thursday, July 28, 2005

KY eats - Poppi Seed Pancake

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Poppi Seed Pancake, Yum

First off, no, I don't know where you can find this in Malaysia. I had this pancake in Yangon, Myanmar while on a business trip. I don't even know if it's legal here.

The composition of the pancake is pretty much the same as ordinary pancakes we get around here, with one addition - lotsa poppi seeds laced on top. Initially I was a bit wary of consuming it, but after some reassurance from my colleage who is also a medical doctor from Myanmar, I gave it a go.

The stuff tastes like any pancake, but just amazingly better. It was good, you could feel the texture of the seeds in your mouth, crushed between your teeth. A different aroma mixed up with your saliva and it all goes down smoothly in a somewhat sweetie taste. Did I tell you it was good?

That plate was supposed to be shared by 6 people, but I ate about half of it. hee-hee

Give me some more!

p/s: there are rumours that certain famous nasi kandar house cook their curry with poppi seeds to add to the taste.

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