Wednesday, July 27, 2005

KY saw - Don't Do This at Petrol Station

While filling up the tank yesterday at a petrol station near Ara Damansara, I saw for the first time what Galvin said he's done before - Driving off with the petrol dispenser.

So this dude in a Proton Saga filled up his tank, and without putting back the dispenser, he decided to simply drive off. Perhaps it was an attempt to test the effectiveness of the anti-stupid-driver mechanism that the petrol station has fortunately set up.

The connector of the dispenser to the kiosk immediately snap off and the safety valve went to work without spilling any petrol, by design. The dispenser was now stuck to his car, the dude heard some dragging sound and decided to stop and investigate. You should look at his eyes when he found out what he did.

I was quick enough to snap this two pictures while laughing my ass off at the same time.

Image hosted by
Petrol station worker wondering how dumb this guy could be

Image hosted by
OMG it's too high for me to connect this back.

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