Friday, August 19, 2005

KY - Best Minesweeper Player in Malaysia

... and sometimes Singapore & Thailand too.

As an IT geek, I'm probably one of the very few who do not engross myself in the world of cyber games such as World of Warcraft, Gunbound, or any other multiplayer games. However, as a old school guy, I play Minesweeper instead.

I'm so good in this it's totally ridiculous. Then again, with the amount of time and lost productivity from office, it's just natural.

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63 frigging seconds for expert level, will your mom believe it?

Lately I discovered and the world of uncheatable minesweeper competition, in "real time", online. It's a pretty neat concept, you play their version of minesweeper, and when you win, you can submit your score online and compare it to the other, even crazier no-lifer who doesn't have anything better to do than clicking their brains away.

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I am like, 3rd fastest all-time in the world at 63s and fastest for August. Amazing ain't it? That's a way to make your country proud!

I am now proposing anyone who can challenge me in this game, winner will get a free dinner, and losers, well, just spend me teh-o-ais. COME! I DARE YOU!

p/s: omfg i'm a geek.

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