Tuesday, August 30, 2005

KY Pimps - Xaviera

Following the insanely popular but morally not-so-correct pimping FA, here comes the next installation. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I'm pimping again, and we have Xaviera on the auction block.

Again, as a disclaimer, I'll have to tell you that this is by no means sexually related. It's all about getting you to enjoy a nice evening with this lady, if you are the higgest bidder, of course. So here goes!

insane cleavageIntroduction:
Name - Xaviera
Age - Twenties
Weight - It's a secret, but properly distributed, you'll see
Height - Probably around 5'4 or so?
Speciality - Drink & dance, and sometimes whack the shit out of the sandbag
X Factor - Motherly figure, won't starve the baby.

This girls know how to party, and yet have a softer, more domesticated side. She doesn't need to be that high maintenance chick who insists on fine dining on cavier and champaign. As you can see, she gets satisfaction from Burger King and McDs too. You can't find these kinda chicks around KL easily, now can you?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

To Date her:
As some of you might have read about the FA pimping post, this is no different. It's all about getting a decent date for Xaviera, for example, she might not enjoy it if you bring her jogging and all you do is running in front of her, in reverse, with your eyes fixed staring at particular parts of her body.. that's a no no.

So .. gentlemen, start you bidding! (with a Daytona theme.... kinda goes well with those headlights)

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