Monday, September 26, 2005

KY brand - FA's fashion

Did you think FA is hot? Did you think she puts on awesome attire that seemingly fits the occasion all the time? Yah, I thought you'd say yes too. This is the chick that has her own fan site!

The secret to a girl's attractiveness, other than obvious genetic factors, is the clothings that covers her the birthday suit that all of us so eager to see. In the case of FA, like an Armini jacket on Brat Pitt, she has KY fashion on her. That, my friend, is the secret. Take a lookit lookit

Image hosted by
Original KY fashion makes a hot chick hotter.

Now I don't know where FA bought this piece of fine art to put on her, but the girl certainly does justice to the brand name. I must only say I am mightly proud.

Image hosted by
No, the cloths aren't coming off.. sorry folks.

Now I can only wonder what KY equipment can offer the guys..

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Guess KY isn't just famous for the Jelly

Check out KY drives

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