Tuesday, September 20, 2005

KY eats - Pizzeria Bella Italia at SS2

Many of you ah bengs love to enjoy fine food, but don't really want to lose an arm and a leg for a meal. Well here's something for you, awesome authentic Italian food that is easy on the pocket. How does RM 9.90++ for set lunch sound to you? Great, me too.

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RM 9.90++ in an authentic place, you can't ask for more?

The place is located at SS2 next to Public Bank, or, directly behind Maybank. Parking might not be easiest to find during weekdays, but weekends should be alright. The restaurant is run by actual european white boys (ok, maybe old men), and the waitresses wear the Italian football jersey as their uniform. The interior decoration is not overly complicated, but definately with an Italian taste. And yes, the toilet is clean.

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Big plate of spaghetti, GONE!

The RM 9.90 set lunch is the cheapest combo. You can choose between mushroom or minestrone soup, a glass of soft drink, and a main dish. Usually I go for spaghetti primavera, all vege. You can also get pizzas, rossito, and more.

The food is great, the price is good. Dating a chick when you're on a budget and yet you want to go to a quiet place with great food, go there!


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