Tuesday, September 13, 2005

KY Quiz - The Dead Mountain Climber

Been a while since I give out any teka-teki (quiz), but here goes:

2 climbers, lets call them A & B, went climbing at Gunung Kinabalu, and they were going up agains the difficult wall. Almost to the summit, B lost his grip and fell down to the lower plateau.

A, being his friend and all, yelled "dude you ok...?"

B: "OMFG i broke both my hands and my legs, shit is hurting as bad as delivering a quadruplet"

A: "Aight mate wait up, I'll get on top and pull you up."

So A climbed up, threw a rope down and started pulling B up... and that's when he got curious and asked

"Dude, you broke both your arms and legs, how am I pulling you up?"

"ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....... " KAPIAKZ, was the next sound A heard as B plunged to his death.

Question is, how did B die?

Mouseover on the graphic below to get the answer.

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