Monday, September 12, 2005

Koi Pond - Reading the Water Parameter

Any koi keeper will tell you that the most important thing about a koi pond is the water parameter. In fact, some dude from forum has a signature that says "I am the water keeper, the kois take care of themself", or something to that effect.

So I don on my white lab coat and become a scientist all over again.

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No, for the last time, these aren't pregnancy test kits!

There are 4 tests I run on a regular basis to ensure that the water is in good condition. They are pH, Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate level. The best condition for a koi pond would be a pH level of between 7.5 to 8, and the other 3 kept to the minimal.

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Results were not bad at all

The readings from this test:
While the readings were pretty good, the Nitrate level should still be lowered somehow. As Nitrate act as plant fertilizer, it causes algae bloom that makes the water green. If condition does not improve in the next few months, I might need to make a trickle tower dry filter to suppliment the current wet bio filter.

6 fishes now, still adding, will post pictures of them when the water gets clearer.

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