Monday, September 19, 2005

KY Pimps - Vanessa

Here's yet another pimp post, backed by popular demand after FA and Xaviera were featured not terribly long ago. You know the drills, you know the rules, check the previous posts to avoid any confusion. Lets get it on!

Name: Vanessa
Age: Barely Legal
Weight: Lighter than yours truely
Height: Taller than yours trulely when on 4" heels
Occupation: College Student
Speciality: Pool, though I pwned her with my noob skills.
X factor: A nyonya, how many of those do you find? Ah, and she blogs too, at

A simple girl who likes to play pool, shop, sleep, party and such. Loves to eat McD fries and slurping ice cream, so definately not one of those high maintenance type. At the tender age of 19, she still qualifies as a teen, so some of you old farts can stay away. But if you are still in your twenties, you are qualified to date her, and I assure you that some of them guys will be looking at you with envious eyes thinking "WTF how did this fugly d00d be able to go out with this cute ngonya chick?"

Image hosted by
She plays pool, didn't I tell ya?

Image hosted by
See, I didn't just get her picture from some online paysite, I really do know her!

To date her:
Let the bidding begin! Highest bidder gets the deal, well, of course she must agree to it. Money goes to SPCA, or some other charity Peter Tan specifies.

This is high class college sweetie, don't get left behind!

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