Thursday, September 22, 2005

KY drinks - Happy Brithday DRUKEN Suan, got hot chicks too

Today is Suanie's birthday, our charismatic blogger who went on THE STAR newspaper carrying the flag that represented many of us. Last night, however, she was seeing altogether different type of stars, mostly spinning on top of her head. She was so royally intoxicated by alcohol I doubt she remembers what happened.


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Oh I love the toilet bowl, omfg I'm drunk! I love all of you too.

It was a surprise birthday party thrown for our beloved friend somewhere at Bangsar. I am sure pretty soon there will be pictures posted by the almighty Peter Tan and some other jokers. Yours truly didn't bring his brick camera to the occasion, so only managed to snap a few shots of some of the hotties at the scene.

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I just wanted to make sure these girls are still hot when I look at their pictures sober.

p/s: Suan, it was gary, yes it was him.

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