Wednesday, September 21, 2005

KY drinks - Happy Hour with FA, ST, Suanie & Kim

Last weekend Suanie called up and said she was starving.. about 2 hours later (don't ask), we arrived at 1U. Since FA & I had ate earlier, we decided to wait out for the happy hour. Who doesn't love happy hours?

Do you not love this picture of FA with the appropriate caption?

We had earlier went to the Fish & Co, their menu looked pretty good with some nice alcoholic mixed drinks. Then the waiter dropped us a bomb,

"sorry guys, we don't have those drinks."

"Anything alcoholic then?" asked Suanie

"Yah, Tiger Beer"


So we went to Chillies instead. Rang up ST and Kim to join us for some good old afternoon non-halal drink fix too.

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FA waiting for the the clock to hit 3pm for HAPPY HOUR!

Service at Chillies 1U sucks ass. You can read more on suanie's post about it. Anyhow, it was still a great afternoon, especially when you have so many beautiful people surrounding you, don't you think? (yes, they've gotten beautiful after my margarita)

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I have my margarita, ST & Kim waiting out their food, and Suanie eating hers

Is your life as fun? Cheers!

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