Thursday, June 30, 2005

Koi Pond - Rounding the Top

After elevating the garden, we add another layer of brick to the top of the pond wall. The bricks are layed about 3 inches offset from the inner part of the wall. Mortar is then plaster on covering the bricks to create a round it up. This creates a nice roundish top with an illusion that the wall is thicker than it actual.

An overflow pipe is installed at the deep end too. A 2" diameter pvc pipe with an L joint is used. This serves to channel the extra water from rainfall straight to the drain.

Horng did the first 30% while I finished the rest in another day. Took us 2 sessions. Galvin helped out in mixing the mortar. Thanks dude!

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Horng did the first part

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I continued the work

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Galvin mixing the mortar, but first we had to filter the sand to remove pebbles and cat poo

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Overflow pipe is installed

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Job well done!

Next Up - Fixing the Drainage System and Water Meter

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