Sunday, June 19, 2005

Koi Pond - The First Week

So one day my housemate and long time (over 20 yrs) friend Horng and I had the brilliant idea of building a pond in the garden. A Koi Pond.

At first I thought of digging a hole, throwing in a pre-built fiberglass pond, and be done with. After scouring the local aquarium stores and Ikano, we figure the pre-builts are a little too small for what we had in mind, and they weren't cheap either. Hence we arrived at the decision to build a cement pond.

The plan is to dig a hole, pour in concrete for the base, build up the wall, apply water proofing agent, fix up the bio filter, landscaping and gardening, put in fish, done. Sounds simple? Here we go!

And then we started digging...

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The digging took about a week to complete, deep end is slightly over 3 feet, shallow part a bit over 2 feet.

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Goh came and lend a helping hand too, for about 15 minutes anyway. Chan helped a bit too.

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The almost finished hole..

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I swear I didn't kill her...

Originally we were going to pour in pre-mixed concrete that Faggot was going to order for us. Unfortunately due to some unforseen circumstances and 5 days later, we gave up and decided to DIY the concrete part..

Next up - The Roof.

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