Friday, May 27, 2005

Quiz time with Fuckstress

This is from one of my chat sessions with fuckstress over instant messenging. Yeah I talk to her, envy?

KY: ok lets play one game.. want?
fuckstress: lame donkey dick reasoning
fuckstress: play lah
KY: ok.. i say a word, u say the opposite, using pre-something
KY: i mean
KY: like if i say complete
KY: u say incomplete
KY: ok?
fuckstress: errrr
fuckstress: will try.
KY: ok..
KY: competent
fuckstress: incompetent
KY: action
fuckstress: inaction
KY: sense
fuckstress: unsenseable?
KY: nonsense!
KY: pun intended
KY: game over

fuckstress: LOLROF
fuckstress: good one

and then she gave me her quiz...

fuckstress: wat u call a baby pig
KY: piglet
fuckstress: baby owl?
KY: chick
fuckstress: ur head
KY: no?
fuckstress: owlet lah
KY: all young birds are chick
KY: ok ok owlet
KY: continue
fuckstress: damnit u spoiled it d
fuckstress: sigh.
fuckstress: no
fuckstress: sian d
fuckstress: baby bull
KY: calf

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