Friday, June 03, 2005

Money Politics?

There's a great contrast on the front page of the Sun newspaper today. On the left, it's a news about a beautician pleading not guilty of taking bribe. On the right, a state executive councillor found guilty of money politics.

I deliver my upmost sincerity and pay my respect in the creativity of the power that be who created the word money politics, a phrase that is so completely detached from bribery, when both are basically describing the same thing. The major difference is, of course, one leads you to jail term, and the other, perhaps a resignation as a 'Casualty', no less.

Now, why don't we come up with new "politcally beneficial" terms to replace those that might get us into trouble?
Come up with some too, will ya?

Complete bullshit. By the way, I haven't really swayed from my theme, this is almost the funniest thing on the frontpage, I thought it was April 1st for a moment.

Have a nice weekend.
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