Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Why You Shouldn't Bite Your Nails

If you bite your nails like there's no tomorrow or you know someone who does, please pay attention and read on. While you might have already heard about the other disadvantages of the habit of peeling of nails with your teeth, there is another very pragmatic downside to it that might have eluded you.

Forget about the unhygienic factor, the bacteria, or the reverse aestheticity of nail biting.

You see, the other day, being a prankster that I am, I adjusted my coworker's watch to half an hour ahead of the actual time. But instead of scolding me and readjust it back herself, she was nicely asking me to do it. And then I found out, with no nails and a small watch, she couldn't pull the dial out!

Without nails -> no ability to keep the correct time -> time mismanagement / late -> piss off friends -> no more friends -> depression -> not eat / eat too much -> unhealthy -> die

This is bad.

Image hosted by

This is how short her nails are.

Image hosted by

No way she coulda pull out the dial by herself.

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