Monday, June 20, 2005

Koi Pond - Constructing the Roof

While waiting for the pre-mix concrete that never came, we decided to construct a roof partially over the pond. This would ensure the pond does not get too much sunlight. Koi loves a cool temperature, furthermore, extra sunlight promotes algea growth that will make the water green.

We bought some 1"x2" and 2"x3" beams for the construction, the plan is to construct only one column at the right end. Connect that to the existing extended roof at the left side like a '7' shape, both with the 2"x3" beams. The structure would then be connected with the smaller 1"x2" beams to the existing roof at the top. Put a layer of the "netting" that is usually used for orchids, and we're set.

Total cost of the roof was around RM 100. That includes the saw, too.

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Connecting the skinny beam to the '7' shaped column.

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Power tools to the help

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Chisseled the edge for a nice finishing

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Sawed off the edge, fancy my acrobatic move? Yeah, it translate to performance in other areas too!

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The frame is up!

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Horng put some finishing touches to the netting

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That took us the whole saturday.

Next up - Concrete Foundation!

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