Thursday, March 17, 2005

Cute boys introduced

In the spirit of pumping up you gals for the saturday party, I have created this image with my ultra elite photoshop skills and the careful selection of the most attractive photos of the main boys at the party. Girls, don't get too excited yet, we look even cuter in real life.

Please leave a glowing comment if you love the picture. Faggot, ST, and Goh are the birthday boys, and would be collectively adding up to no less than 80 years young by next week. Yours truely would be the host.

A slightly better but horribly non artistic map to the party can be found here

p/s: Please refrain Goh from picking up ST at the party as I did with him on this photo. Last he tried he broke his eyebrow and you can check out the scar this saturday.

Cheers and see you at the party. BE THERE!

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