Monday, March 07, 2005

Zoukfest - alternate perspective

ST has already posted a review of the rave party,so I am going to give you a slightly different perspective of the experience here.

First, let me attempt to list down the people I have met up there.

Initial Group - ST, FA, Faggot, Suan, Kerol, Jamie, Duncan, Audrey, Kim, Huey Fang, ah Chan
Other Groups - Goh, Saint, Henry, Joanne, Mandy, Margie, Jessica, Eugene
Random meets - Sheryl, Pam, Daniel, Vanessa, Wussy, and at least another half a dozen foosers

As the original parking lucker, we found a nice spot on the top floor of P4 parking area in less than a couple minutes, I pity people like Chan, Suan, and ST who had to maneuvour down the multi-level parking complex and wasting countless minutes they could have spent checking out hotties and bapoks alike.

Since I am in no position to try any journalism feat documenting the event, let me just give you some random highlights:
Anyway, here is a picture I ripped off ST's website, and I'll give you a who's who

Suanie, in pink on top left, attempted to doggy me, while ST the gwai lou, in white working shirt, tried to have me go down on him. Duncan is next to Suanie, holding a beer. Next to ST is Audrey, and the Faggot with his "I am cool" look. On my right is Jamie, and next to her is Kerol (too much blue-eye makeup crap). You can find ah Chan on the far left with his messed up hairdo, and Huey Fang next to him. The baboon girl in red holding a camera is FA. Goh, imitating a post-oprative cataract patient with sunglasses, is at the bottom right.


p/s: Next party would be on the 19th at ss3, check this space for more details soon.

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